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Unity Sand Ritual

The unity sand ceremony, a variation of the unity candle ceremony, is a tradition full of symbolism. Two people take sand from their individual vessels and combine the grains into one. The act represents the joining of two individuals and the creation of a new union and family. The joined vessel symbolizes the marriage of both partners’ hopes, dreams, and values. The origins of the unity sand ceremony are in Christian and Catholic ceremonies. However, the ceremony has evolved, and now couples of all religions and denominations use this beautiful ritual in their ceremony.

Unity Tree Ceremony

Planting a tree during your wedding ceremony is recognized in many cultures as symbolic of a marriage. It represents putting down roots together and the young sapling develops into a strong, beautiful tree. Just like your marriage, a tree requires constant nurturing and care. Fertile soil, sunlight and water. After the ceremony you plant the tree near your home and can watch it grow and thrive over time, just like your love.

Hand -Fasting Ritual

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. Hand-fasting has become increasingly popular in recent years as couples look for ways to add a personal feel and symbolism to their ceremony. Hand-fasting is a symbolic unity ritual in which a couple stand face to face as their hands are tied together. Their arms form a figure eight representing eternity – hence the phrase, tying the knot! As your hands are bound, you can recite words that express your commitment to one another.

Three Strands or God’s Knot

The God’s Knot Ritual involves braiding three strands together into a single cord. Each strand has a significant meaning. One strand represents God. One strand represents the Groom and his life. One strand represents the Bride and her life. In braiding these three strands together, they have demonstrated that their marriage is more than a joining of two lives together. It is a unity with God as well.

Rose Ritual

In a rose ceremony, you will give each other a rose. This ritual is performed just before you are pronounced husband and wife and after the wedding vows. After the exchanging of rings, your first gift to each other, as husband and wife, is a single rose. The rose is a symbol of love, so it is appropriate that it is your first gift to each other as a married couple.

Sacred Circle

When a wedding is not held in a sacred building, such as a church or temple, many create a sacred space to hold the ceremony. The couple builds a circle before or during the ceremony, declaring the space sacred and holding the commitment of their love for each other. We know the Universe is showering this couple with love and blessings.

Love Letter -Wine Box Ritual

A wine box ceremony is a non-religious wedding ritual in which a bottle of wine is enclosed in a box so that it can be opened by the couple at a later date. Some couples add an extra layer of specialness by including love letters to each other and sealing them in the box alongside the wine.

Blended Family Ritual

When a couple gets married the wedding is about them and their commitment to each other. It often involves the blending of families. There are several ways to include other members of the family to symbolize the coming together of a new family unit.

Thali Necklace Ritual

This sacred Hindu ritual involves a necklace or mangalsutra the groom places on the bride. It is a mark of respect, love and dignity which is presented to the wife by her husband on the auspicious wedding day.

Ring Warming Ritual

Include guests in the ceremony by having each person bless your bands. Send one ring down one side of the aisle and the other down the opposite, giving every guest a chance to hold your rings and lavish their blessings and positive thoughts toward your marriage. 

Cleanse with Water

The act of washing your spouse’s feet (or their hands, if you prefer!) symbolizes the release of any past emotional blocks, so both parties can enter the marriage with open hearts. This cleansing ceremony can also represent starting your marriage with a clean slate – putting all problems behind you.